About New Oriental Group
Beijing New Oriental Education & Technology, Inc. (formerly known as Beijing New Oriental School) was established in 1993. Through several years of struggle and efforts, so far it has supplied about 80% of Beijing and 50% of China 's going abroad training market.

Beijing New Oriental Foreign Language School at Yangzhou is a K-12 boarding school emphasizing fluency in one or more foreign languages, as well as education in all academic areas as required by the National Curriculum. Set in a beautiful environment and refreshed by clear air, the school is located in the newly developed area of Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, with the Grand Canal flowing to the east, and Zhuyu Park surrounding its north side. The school campus covers 355 Mu with a total area of construction extending up to 120,000 square meters.

The school is designed to accommodate about 4000 boarding students. In addition to incorporating the latest educational equipment and facilities, administrators have introduced a new concept and spirit into the daily teaching and operations of the school. That new concept and spirit emphasizes student-centered teaching, global educational perspectives and life-long learning mentality and skills. The school boasts a faculty of highly trained teachers selectively employed from all areas of China and abroad. The unique school curriculum will accommodate special needs of students from all regions of China. Administrators, teachers and supporting staff, in partnership with family and community, are dedicated to providing students with a caring, nurturing, student-centered environment that accepts and respects individual uniqueness. Additionally, students will be encouraged to become creative learners, capable of meeting the challenges of an ever-changing global village.